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At Willow Branch Homes, our passion is not just to build houses, but to create homes that are reflections of you, your dreams, and your passions. The moment you step through our doors, you’re not just stepping into a house; you’re entering a potential future filled with love, memories, and personal touches that make a space uniquely yours. Our state-of-the-art Design Center is where your journey to this future begins.

Empower Your Vision

The Design Center at Willow Branch Homes is more than a space—it’s a canvas for your imagination. Here, we invite you to unleash your creativity and take the first steps toward bringing your dream home to life. Our dedicated team of design consultants is at your service, offering personalized guidance and expertise at every step of the personalization process.

A World of Choices Awaits

From the hue of your walls to the glow of your light fixtures, every detail matters. Our Design Center showcases an extensive selection of enhancement options, allowing you to customize every aspect of your new home. Whether it’s selecting the perfect paint colors, choosing premium cabinetry, or finding the light fixtures that best illuminate your style, we’re here to help your heart find its match.

Turn Dreams Into Reality

The time to dream is over; now is the time to create. With Willow Branch Homes, every selection and decision brings you closer to the home you’ve always wanted. Our Design Center is where possibilities become tangible, where your vision transitions from imagination to blueprint.

Embark on This Journey With Us

Your unique sanctuary, a testament to your taste and lifestyle, awaits. Let Willow Branch Homes be the guide on your journey to a home that not only meets your needs but surpasses your dreams. Your dream home isn’t just a concept—it’s a project ready to be realized. Together, let’s make it happen.

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Home Site Locations

  • Thompson's Station TN

    27 homes

  • Sycamore Grove

    11 homes

  • Spring Hill TN

    5 homes

  • Smyrna TN

    40 homes

  • Shelton Square

    2 homes

  • Preston Park

    6 homes

  • Murfreesboro TN

    10 homes

  • Leiper's Fork

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