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Imagine spending your days in the sun on your boat […]

Imagine spending your days in the sun on your boat and the nights sharing stories around the campfire. While rentals and getaways are great, there’s no better place to make memories with loved ones than at your vacation home on the lake. If you’re looking for your perfect lake home, here’s what you need to consider. 

Does the lake match your hobbies?

Not all lakes allow for the same type of recreational opportunities. While fishing and non-motorized watercraft like kayaks and canoes are welcomed almost everywhere, if your hobbies include waterski or jet-ski, you’ll want to make sure to purchase a vacation home on a full-recreation lake that allows those hobbies. 

Does the lake match your style?

Lakes, much like cities, often have a particular vibe to them. While some are sleepy and secluded, others, like Tims Ford Lake, are known for their great swimming and lively atmosphere with well-known party coves.

Do you want a lakefront or lake view home? 

Homebuyers have options when it comes to purchasing a vacation home. While some desire a lakefront property that is only steps from the water, others enjoy the view and larger selection available a short distance away. If you do opt for a property that isn’t located directly on the water, you should also consider your water access. Some properties, like those in The Reserve at Holiday Landing, have a boat slip option at a marina within walking distance for exceptional convenience. 

How many guests do you plan to have? 

One of the best parts about owning a vacation home is the ability to share it with those you love. Before purchasing property, consider how you plan to use it. Will you often have singles or couples to visit? Then you’ll likely want at least two or three bedrooms. Planning to be joined by extended family? You’ll likely benefit from having a four bedroom home on the lake. 

How far are you willing to travel? 

Busy people often find that having a lake home that is many hours away from their permanent residence means that they don’t often have the opportunity to enjoy it. Instead of choosing a lake home in a remote location, consider a centrally-located community like The Reserve at Holiday Landing which is less than a one hour drive from Murfreesboro and under 1.5 hours from Chattanooga. 

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