The Top Paint Colors of 2021

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With a brand new year beginning in just a few […]

With a brand new year beginning in just a few quick months, you might be looking to make some major changes to your lifestyle. And there’s no better way to occupy yourself during the cold winter months like taking on a new home improvement project, like picking out a fresh new paint color for your walls! Here are a few estimated trends for 2021 to get you started:

Bright Pink

Are you taken aback yet? Trust us on this one—the Sherwin Williams Colormix Forecast 2021 notes that bold, bright pink hues will be all the rage next year. While this might immediately seem too extreme for you, consider pairing this loud color with soft, neutral-colored furniture in your living or dining room. It’ll truly make the room pop in a unique, non-traditional way!

Olive Green

What if we told you that you could have a greenhouse without having to worry about watering any plants? Try this shade in your living room, or any room with big windows and tons of natural sunlight, and give your home a refreshing and outdoorsy vibe.

Ruby Red

You deserve a house that’s lavishly washed in color, especially considering how much time we’ve spent in our homes throughout 2020. Make yourself feel like royalty with a ruby red tone on your wall, complemented by bright red rugs or throw pillows against the backdrop of neutral-toned furniture.

Aegean Teal

This relaxing color ended up on the Benjamin Moore list of top 2021 colors for a reason. Meant to invoke imagery of the glittering Grecian sea, this blend of blue-green and gray creates a neutral and peaceful sense of harmony.

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