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One of the most heated debates when it comes to […]

One of the most heated debates when it comes to holiday decorating is whether to have a real tree or a fake one. While it all comes down to personal preference, these are some things to consider before decking your halls for the holidays this season. 

Benefits of a real tree

Holiday traditionalists will often say that a “real” or fresh-cut Christmas tree is the only way to celebrate the season. Real trees are often sold at Christmas tree lots, but folks in Middle Tennessee also have the option of building memories by cutting their own Christmas tree at tree farms in College Grove, Pleasant View, Murfreesboro, and more. In addition to the experience of cutting down or selecting your unique tree, fresh-cut trees will also fill your home with the familiar Christmas pine scent. Also, if you aren’t planning to use your tree again, a real tree will often command a lower price than a fake tree.

Disadvantages of a real tree

One of the biggest drawbacks of a fresh-cut tree is the upkeep it requires. Because it is a living product (or at least once was living), real trees require regular watering to keep them from drying out even faster than expected in arid indoor conditions. These dry conditions can mean natural trees will start to lose their needles which can be a hassle to clean up, especially if you are planning to keep your tree decorated for an extended period of time, but can also be dangerous. Research suggests that the majority of Christmas tree fires are related to natural, not artificial, Christmas trees. Pet owners should also reconsider getting a real tree as many common types of Christmas trees (including those in the fir family) are toxic to dogs and cats causing excessive drooling, vomiting, and other issues if oils or needles are ingested. 

Benefits of a fake tree

Today a fake tree can be hard to spot from a real tree thanks to higher quality materials and design. A fake tree will often have a lower cost-per-use than a real tree if used for more than a year or two and is more pet-friendly. Also, research by the National Fire Protection Association suggests that real Christmas tree fires outnumber artificial Christmas tree fires by a scale of two to one suggesting that artificial trees are safer for homeowners. 

Disadvantages of a fake tree

Assembling an artificial tree in your living room likely won’t provide the same type of bonding experience as cutting one down together as a family. Also, for traditionalists, choosing an artificial tree over a natural one can seem like an affront to the holiday season itself and a realistic-looking artificial tree can come with a high upfront price tag. 

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