One or Two Christmas Trees?

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It’s officially that time of year when the atmosphere feels […]

It’s officially that time of year when the atmosphere feels merry and bright. The temperature is chilly, but there’s a certain thrill in the air. The kids are wrapping up school, the year is winding down, and we often plan for extra quality time with loved ones. Some people even enjoy decorating their homes with frills, lights, festive ornaments, and a Christmas tree or two. If you’re someone that delights in putting up a Christmas tree, you might have an annual routine for your decorating plans, meticulously planning exactly what you’re going to place where for the holidays. However, if you’re someone that doesn’t have a plan for the festive decorations you want to spruce up your home with, we here at Willow Branch have a suggestion for your decorations: deck out your home by incorporating two Christmas trees. 


Having two Christmas trees gives you the opportunity to cultivate a different aesthetic with each one. While there is a huge variety of ways to decorate your trees, we suggest that one tree, usually at the front of your home where visitors and by-passers can view it, be for presentation. This tree could be decked out with your traditional red or golden ornaments. 

The other tree could be in a more discreet or private area of your home, containing your heirloom or homemade ornaments. Decorating this tree could be a family event, where all members of the family are encouraged to participate and get creative with their decorating.

Having two trees in your home allows you to fully embrace the holiday spirit and have some fun while decorating, knowing one tree is traditional and another is for expressing creativity. This potential tradition can be fun to get your children involved with the festive decorating without worrying about them handling your expensive, dainty ornaments. 

Whether you decide to put up one or two trees this holiday, we hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday season! 

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