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As we approach the end of 2021, many people start […]

As we approach the end of 2021, many people start to think about their goals for the upcoming year. For many current and prospective homeowners, buying a new home may top the list. Here are a few things to consider now to ensure you stay on track to meet your 2022 homeownership New Year’s resolutions. 

Find the right location

Before you ever consider floorplans or siding colors, it’s important to find the right area for your new home. People who enjoy peace and quiet mixed with easy access to the city should look at communities like Vineyard Valley in College Grove while those looking for a more active neighborhood would enjoy Clear Creek in Smyrna. 

Consider your perfect size

Many master-planned communities have restrictions on the types and styles of homes that can be built in the neighborhood. This means that if you have your heart set on a quaint two-bedroom home, you may have to make some concessions when it comes to location. Conversely, if you find the perfect location, you may be held to the specific floorplan and exterior stylings (known as elevations) that are allowed in that community. 

Decide on your style

Homeownership doesn’t look the same for everyone. While some people are happiest in a five-bedroom manor, others enjoy the smaller footprint and price of a townhome or condo. Before deciding on the specifics of how many beds and bathrooms you require, though, it’s a good idea to consider what kind of home you are looking for. Many builders, including Willow Branch Homes, offer different housing styles including single-family homes, condominiums, and townhomes allowing homebuyers more options. In addition to the maintenance required to keep up the home itself, prospective buyers should also consider how much exterior and lawn maintenance they want before deciding to buy any type of home. 

Find the right partner

One of the biggest decisions when it comes to buying a new construction home is which homebuilder you entrust with your project. Willow Branch Homes has earned a reputation as the most trusted home builder in Middle Tennessee with a team of local folks who are dedicated to helping create homes that balance beauty, quality, and function. Get an early start on your new home resolution by contacting Willow Branch Homes at (615) 499-9887 or viewing available homes online today! 

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