How to Decorate With Both Trendy and Timeless Items

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Mixing design styles is a tricky, unique skill when it […]

Mixing design styles is a tricky, unique skill when it comes to decorating. While it is challenging to blend schemes, it is something that can be done with calculated choices and unifying decorating decisions. Here are some tips to blend styles and decorate your space with both a trendy and timeless design. 

Stick to a color palette

No matter how many timeless or trendy items you’d like, it’s important to stick to a color scheme to keep everything tied together. Typically, a color palate accommodates up to six colors, so you will have plenty of options to choose from. Normally, timeless color palettes include a lot of neutral colors. Although trendy colors change frequently with the seasons, bright bursts of colors can pair well against the neutral timeless tones. 

Choose a unifying pattern

With unlimited pattern options available, choosing between a few will tie both timeless and trendy items together. Some timeless patterns are floral, stripes, and polka dots. Although trendy patterns rotate, picking one that goes well with your chosen timeless pattern will be key to blending the styles together.

Repeat shapes and patterns

Selecting shape and pattern themes is important when designing anything. By repeating specific patterns and shapes, a consistent style will link timeless and trendy items, and it will also make the space feel cohesive and well decorated. 

Don’t divide a room

Not dividing a room, but rather including items that include both timeless and trendy aspects will more clearly intertwine the two styles. Instead of dividing a room, incorporate qualities from both styles into each room, allowing the different rooms in your home to tie themselves together through the styles. 

Decorating with both trendy and timeless styles might initially seem difficult, but with some intentional styling choices, the two themes can effortlessly tie together to create a lovely and enjoyable living space. 

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