How to Decorate for the Fall

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Summer is ending as quickly as it began, and soon […]

Summer is ending as quickly as it began, and soon the humid, sticky air will evolve into a gentle, crisp breeze. Backyard barbeques and pool parties will eventually come to an end, and once we migrate inside, we’ll all want to gather around our kitchen islands or living rooms. A change in seasons means a change in décor, and you’ll probably want to style your home to the fall aesthetic. Here are some ideas:

Give Your Fireplace Some Pizzazz

Nothing defines a fall evening better than being curled up in front of a fireplace. Add to the cozy ambiance by dressing up your fireplace mantle. This can include beautiful flower displays, family pictures in quirky frames, or a variety of candles.

Welcome Your Guests the Right Way

There’s no replacement for an excellent first impression, so why not style your front door to impress? Make sure you have plenty of pumpkins and gourds to dot your front door, and consider hanging a colorful wreath on the door. If you really want to go above and beyond, paint your front door an interesting color like cherry red.

Add Some Plaid

There’s nothing cozier than a flannel shirt during a trip apple picking or browsing the farmers market, and you can replicate that aesthetic with your fall home décor. Invest in a plaid blanket, throw pillows, bedspread, or dresser cover to make your home the perfect autumn hideout.  

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