Hosting Families for the Holidays

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The holidays are a wonderful time filled with food, family, […]

The holidays are a wonderful time filled with food, family, and friends, but if three’s company, a whole family is a crowd. If your home is the gathering spot for your loved ones this holiday season, here are four quick tips that will take the stress out of hosting and give your guests an experience they’ll remember. 

Start preparation early

The best way to avoid stress when hosting families for the holidays is to get an early start on your prep work. This process looks different for everyone so it’s a good idea to map out what you want to accomplish and set a realistic timeline to accomplish everything. Things to consider include how much cleaning and decorating you want to do in your home, preparing the area where your guests will sleep, and buying and/or preparing meals and snacks. Things like stocking your pantry or performing a total home deep cleaning a week or two before guests arrive can help reduce the last-minute stressors that can often pop up. 

Create a welcoming environment

If your Tennessee home has a guest bedroom, you can create a luxurious hotel-like experience for your guests this holiday season. Start by handwriting a welcome note that gives your guests important information like your wifi password and any scheduled events. It’s also a good idea to ensure any guest bathrooms are well-stocked with additional toilet paper, towels, and other must-haves. Homeowners who plan to host multiple friends and family members throughout the holiday season often find it a good idea to stock up with extra toothbrushes, small bottles of soap and hair care products, and other bathroom essentials that guests sometimes forget to pack.

Plan activities for everyone to enjoy

One of the best parts of coming together for the holidays is actually getting to spend time together. While small, interest-based activities like watching sports or shopping are great ways to spend time with your guests it’s also a good idea to consider one or two activities for everyone to do together at the same time. This could include cookie baking or decorating, going for a nature walk, attending a holiday festival, and more. The important part is to make sure everyone is involved. 

It’s okay to ask for help

The best hosts know it’s okay to ask for help when it comes to entertaining families for the holidays. Asking guests to bring board games or kitchen equipment could be a great way to try something new or increase efficiency. When your guests ask what they should bring, it’s okay to think outside the box. For example, asking guests to bring their own bedding is a great way to speed up your cleanup, especially if entertaining at a cabin or location away from home. 

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